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10 Inspiring Typography for Packaging Design

Packaging design is not at all easy. You have a lot of challenges like call people’s attention, be sustainable, easy to reproduce, long lasting, recognizable and others. So let’s face one of them today: very catchy package. Challenge accepted!

You can work on colors, sizes and shapes to achieve it, of course, but today we are going to inspire you to design the best packaging by using nice cool typography. There are some specific typography on the web that could match your product’s briefing and make your product stand out of the market shelf. 

Kissmetrics research has already shown that more than 90% of customers buy something based on their design judgement and impressions, so the right typography with a good defined text, sensibility and graphic elements well combined can totally make your product be the one everybody is going to choose. 

That’s why I brought some really cool projects of awesome packaging design, so you can get inspired to work on your product.


No-Li Brewhouse by Riley Cran


Coffee & Kitchen – Moodley brand identity and Nicole Lugitsch


Sugar Moon Maple Syrup Packaging by Andrea Romero


Off by Julian Hrankov


Cool Beans Branding by Benny Corrigan


Sweez. Creative Adventures and Mauricio Cardoso


White Rock Brewery by Aisling Veron


Bonbonbon picnic edition by Diana Ghyczy


La Milagrosa by Tata & Friends


ALL SAINTS CAFE – Gota Water ® Limited edition




Luanna Hedler

Do you find this article useful & inspiring? It's written by Luanna Hedler

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