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12 Creative Landing Page Designs For Your Inspiration - November 2016

A landing page is part of your website and a dedicated page that helps promote your products and services more specifically. It is a great online marketing tool that simplifies the web searching process and provide less hassle for visitors when searching for specific products or services on the web. A landing page that closely matches a visitor's search description, will stand out from the competition.

If you're looking to build an effective landing page that will drive better conversion rates to your site, we have curated a few good examples of landing page that you can draw some inspiration from. We hope you enjoy this article, and if you have more interesting landing page to share, please do leave a comment.


Falcon.io is social media management and monitoring platform. This is a tool targeting digital marketers. We are particularly impressed by how the call-to-action buttons are positioned throughtout landing page. Instead of reading lengthy text, the "How It Works" button immediately directs you to a video introduction of their product. The landing page itself doesn't look pushy. Instead, it encourages you to learn more about the product before giving it a try.



A code-free web design platform is what Webydo is all about. Creative use of typography and minimalist concept of a landing page makes a very good first impression. Through clever use of typography, Webydo has succesfully conveyed a message to web designers that they can truly enjoy great benefits of of building beautiful websites using this tool. Take note of the stunning scroll effect and the real-time demo as well. It gives you a sneak peak of how easy it is to use Webydo. If you're a web designer, does Webydo's UI layout look familiar to you?



Yet another beautiful web design tool is Squarespace. What makes them unique is the easily customizable templates and convenient web hosting packages offered. What drew our attention to Squarespace's landing page is the "GET STARTED" button that allows you to use the tool right away (and free of charge) to start your new web project with ease. If you wish to learn what other features are available, just scroll down the page. The contents on the landing page itself are so well organized to make your information browsing experience a pleasant one.



Clientrol is a payment & productivity tool designed especially for freelancers or anyone who does remote work. Take 1 minute to scroll to the bottom of the page and you will intuitively know what Clientrol is all about. The information presented (with a pricing plan as well) on the landing page are short, sweet and concise with succinct headers and sub headers. Speaking of saving you time, this landing page has succesfully achieved that when it comes to searching for information on a landing page.



We love the parallax and animated effects of this landing page. It is not overused, but attractive enough to make you want to stick around a little longer. This is a good tactic to draw a user's attention. The amazing web graphics and UX/UI design is also very compelling. After browsing to the bottom of the page, you won't be hesitant to download the app. 



Funnelnow features an illustrated and slightly animated 'hero' image on its landing page. There are also more than five call-to-action buttons placed on the page. But notice how they are strategically positioned so it doesn't distract you, yet still be able to provide a great web experience for you as you dig further into the page. That's interesting!



Rentberry's bold typography makes a bold statement. They are bringing together tenants and landlords with their price negotiation platform. If you're not into property and real estate, you will still love this beautifully designed landing page and will no doubt refer Rentberry to your friends and/or family who happens to want to rent a place or list their property. The landing page also features an easy-to-understand onboarding process for both landlords and tenants, present in a beautiful and easy to navigate UI layout.



With its simple design, rep. also features illustrated images on its landing page. It has "sticky" elements, which is evident the minute you land on this page. They have successfully convinced you to stick around a litlle while with their "In just 2 minutes" subheader.



Have you seen a full-width landing page which is as breathtaking as Bucketlistly? Bucketlistly is an online platform that allows you to keep track of your life goals and bucket list. When you scroll down to "Share Your Life Stories", the page features an onboarding process presented in an interactive image slider. The circular hover effects provides more information about it's features, how you can utilize them. You will also be impressed by the interesting icons and travel photos used in the design of this landing page.



KNOCK's landing page features a full-width video that tells you what this product is all about (with a good sense of humour). We just love the design of this page, as it is straight forward. You need not stick around the page too long to learn more about their product. After paying this page a visit, you will be inclined to download and use the product, especially if you're a Mac lover.


The Fabulous

The Fabulous is an app that helps you build good habits and improve your lifestyle. We love the graphics, the pink and other colour combinations used on the design of this landing page. It gives a vibrant look & feel to the page and definitely eye catching. The headers and sub-headers with interesting taglines gives the impression that The Fabulous is worth a download and your attention as well.



Trello is productivity platform that caters to all types of businesses. Trello's landing page provides straight-to-the-point information about their platform. They provide a sneak peak of how their platform looks like with a couple of screenshots and brief details on how and when you can use them to maximise your team's productivity. They also incorporated some interesting web graphics (like the cute illustrated Husky) with colourful backgrounds to make the page look even more attention-grabbing. Besides that, the large call-to-action buttons with persuasive taglines like "Sign Up - It's Free!" just makes you wanna click on it. 




Hazel Lee

Do you find this article useful & inspiring? It's written by Hazel Lee

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