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Awesomely Crazy, Weird And Unusual Websites

I love digging down peculiar articles and stories on the Internet. Lately, I was hitting into some interesting articles and websites, and guess what? A few of them blew my mind with their intense graphics and quirky interfaces. I never knew that such bizarre sites even existed on the Internet; some of them looked creepy and unfurnished as well.

Well, it’s true – anything and everything can be found only on Google. With that said, I thought, ‘Why not share it with you guys and give my reviews on the same?’ – These are some of the unusual and weird websites that I stumbled upon:



This website is a replicate edition of Windows’95 that was prominent in the 90s. This site reminded me of my childhood days when we were learning to handle those gigantic computers and Internet Explorer was just launched. 

Let me tell you, the first thing that caught my eye was, “Castle GAFA 3D” – back in the day, this was a very popular game on Windows 3.1 and every game freak had it installed in their computer; at least me and all of my friends had it, and I won’t lie, we used to play it like crazy! (Ah! Good old days.) Although, this time, it has an added twist to it – with pictures of Steve Jobs and social media icons appearing in the game as you play.

Secondly, to check how effectively this site worked, I quickly ran through all the applications. Starting from Explorer, Zkype (A copy of Skype), Star Wars, Arena 93 and Solitude, everything worked exactly like the Windows’95 version. The hard disk drive consisted of folders including Documents, Images, Movies, Music, Library and different programs. To my surprise, I could even download a movie from the file. This site made me curious with the style of its interface. I also checked if I could reboot the desktop, and it restarted with the typical windows melody. And yes, it's even responsive!


Dow-Smith Studio 


The first look of this website was quite bland and plain. The feature that I liked the most about this site was their intention. The site has a crystal clear intention to showcase and promote the work of their diverse clients in the field of art and design.

The site has two simple tabs and one pocket note. The first tab gives you an introduction to the Dow-Smith Studio. They have clearly summarised their specialization and objectives of the work. Each tab has icon buttons to maximize and close those tabs. Then I moved on to have a look at the second tab, which has profiles of their clients, varying from designers, film makers, dancers, photographers and so on.

The portfolio of each client has been well exhibited and detailed. I could read the entire journey of these clients (viz. artists) and capture the beautiful visuals of their work.



As I landed on the page, I saw the “Join” button to start the conference call. The calls were fused with different conference calls recorded and contributed by the users. There is an app dedicated only for iPhone users that enables them to record the calls and incorporate them into the conference call. Even the visuals are quite random and surreal. 


August W. Miller

August Winfield Gusmiller is a strategist, web developer and designer who works with different institutions across the globe to help people build and create solutions by making optimum use of the Internet. I found this motto very genuine and socially inclined.

His website gives an overview of the work and goals that defines his portfolio powerfully. An uber cool feature of this website is the colourful scribble that is drawn as we keep moving the cursor throughout the site. I kept on scribbling half of the time for fun. This took me back to how we used to scribble in our drawing books with those colourful crayons in our childhood.


Café Cuba 

The very first time I had Café Cuba, I was amazed with its fresh exotic taste. And when I viewed their site, I was awed with its innovativeness. It has been designed like a fun maze where you keep exploring the journey of their coffee revolution. We have been programmed and controlled to live our lives just like a TV and its remote control. This revolution erupts in order to break free of the robotic way of living and breathe in the sense of freedom.

The entire story-telling is very crisp, clean and invigorating. The making of Café Cuba is not just exhilarating, but it also demonstrates the power of change. Anyone and everyone can bring about a change with sheer determination. A big kudos to Café Cuba for conveying a strong message in the most creative way that I have ever seen.



This one simply awed me with its stunning graphics and visuals. It is a visual treat for users due to its extravagant presentation of the black ice design. The black ice has been showcased in different states, wherein a beautiful form of ice is produced when it solidifies. The same black ice is converted into a solid architecture with different geometry.

Honestly, the 3D view was simply awesome. The next illustration shows that the nature of a cube that cannot be changed but can be utilized accordingly. The “Calvarium” was a thriller section that depicted how every possible particle on planet earth has evolved from dust and goes back to the same dust through ashes.



This site got me puzzled with its series of visual sequences and music (I love it by the way). It is a random generation of visuals that are mixed and sourced through the Internet. The output was a very haphazard mixture of images that kept flashing with every single click along with the audio. A headphone transforming into a beautiful bird and a dog transforming into a dancing penguin were bizarre. As the objects kept changing, the background images also kept moving.

Personally, it was a great experience going through each of these websites. Some rendered my childhood memories; while some others just blew me away. The creativity in design reminds me of Albert Einstein’s thoughtful sayings: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” Even Jonas Downey has this advice: "Let's make Weird Wild Web".

If you came across any weird + unusual websites, remember to share with us and tell us what are some of your favourite examples. And who says Web Design Is Dead?



Ajaykrishna Panicker

Do you find this article useful & inspiring? It's written by Ajaykrishna Panicker

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