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Sublime Text 3 New Features & Plugins You Should be Using

For front-end and web developers who are eager to upgrade your Sublime Text to the latest version you must be a registered Sublime Text 2 owner in order to do so.

Sublime Text 3, is the latest version that requires you to key in your ST2 license key upon launch. If you wish to upgrade but have forgotten the license key, then just follow the instructions below. 

Preferences → Browse Packages and then open the Settings folder and look for License.sublime_license

In this article, I’d like to share with you three new features and three new plugins in Sublime Text 3 that you ought to be using. I call these features your Sublime productivity and are worth exploring. So give it a try.



1.  Goto Definition

Sublime Text 3 GoTo Definition screenshot

You can access this feature by clicking Goto  → Goto Definition or Option + Command + Down on your Mac, or press F12 on your PC. This feature allows you to preview more than one code definition.


2.  Goto Symbol in Project

Sublime Text 3 GoTo Symbol screenshot

You can access this feature by clicking Goto → Goto Symbol in Project or Shift + Command + R on Mac or Ctrl - Shift - R on your PC. You will be able to a list Global Symbols and by selecting any one of them will take you immediately to that file. 


3.  Improved Pane Management

Sublime Text 3 Pane Management screenshot

Workings with multiple panes are much easier as Sublime Text 3. It now comes with a new option for you to create and destroy panes under the

View → Groups, View → Focus Group, View → Move File To Group tabs.


New Plugins

1.  Package Control 3

This is a plugin with complete list of Sublime Text 3 snippets. Once installed, you can find your favourite package to work with. You can even create your own plugin with the help the snippets. Follow the link the below for installation instructions.


2.  Emmet LiveStyle

Emmet LiveStyle is a plugin  that allows you to see instant updates or realtime changes as-you-type. No file saving or page reloading required. LiveStyle currently works on Google Chrome and Safari. There will be more browsers and editors available later. Click on the following link to install the plugin. Most importantly, do read and learn about what this plugin can do. You'll be awestruck for sure!


3.  HTML 5 Snippets 

The Package Control plugin contains HTML5 snippets. using this snippet helps you to save a lot of web development time. It adds HTML5 modes into your HTML files. It's so easy to use. The following will show you how (on timeline 4:23 onwards).

Sublime Text comes with lots of great features. If you haven't had the time to explore all of them, trying out some of the features mentioned here may be suffice to help improve your web editing and coding experience. Once you've given it a try, let us know if they've been helpful to you or not. 



Hazel Lee

Do you find this article useful & inspiring? It's written by Hazel Lee

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