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Time To Reflect And Gear Up For 2016

The year 2015 is almost over. As Creatives, most of us are already thinking about preparing new goals for our career and personal life for the New Year. But before we do that, I'd recommend that we take advantage of the year end to reflect, talk to and listen to your inner self.

Much like a report card you received at the end of each academic year in school, you must review what you have done this year.  Are you satisfied with what you have achieved? How can you move forward based on what you have achieved? 

Here are three simple steps to help you.

Step 1: Venue

Find an alternative place, away from the usual breakfast table or workstation.  A new environment will help to stimulate some new insights.


Step 2: Make Notes

Arm yourself with a notebook and pen down some notes. Recall and write down your milestones in the past year. By doing so, you will be able to identify the obstacles that may come between you and reaching your goals. 


Step 3: Review

Evaluate yourself in the following key areas:

  1.    Work performance
  2.    Finance
  3.    Health
  4.    Family
  5.    Self-development
  6.    Social development
  7.    Spirituality

The above seven areas are like spokes of a bicycle wheel connecting to the centre hub, which is you. If your performance in these areas has been fairly constant, then the wheel is even. If you suffered in one or more areas, then the wheel is bumpy, as your journey was more difficult.

Perhaps, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1.  What are the things I have done right?
What accomplishments drew praise from your clients? What are the things you have achieved that made you feel like a winner?

2.  What are the things I have done wrong?
List them down and learn from them. Why did you make the mistakes? How did you make them? Was your attitude the cause of your failure? Make a resolution not to repeat them in the following year and beyond.

3.  How can I improve next year?
What are the things you need to change for the better? How can you achieve more of your vision and mission for the new year?

Whether it's seizing new opportunities, planning more effectively, boosting your emotional intelligence or managing stress more effectively, having a holistic improvement plan will help you focus better for the upcoming year and beyond. 


Concluding Thoughts

Feeling better mentally and physically will enable you to respond more courageously to any challenges the New Year brings. So while you take a break during the holidays, remember to reflect, review and try this exercise. It can help you improve and move in the right direction all year long. My best wishes to all of you and let's make 2016 a healthy and prosperous year!



Hazel Lee

Do you find this article useful & inspiring? It's written by Hazel Lee

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