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Beautiful Creative Agencies Websites - Col July 2015


What better way to "wow" your clients than having a well-designed website for your agency or design studio. We've curated some of the best here to showcase. We are also eager to see yours. If you have just re-designed or build a new website for your studio, we're happy to feature your website in our blog. Let us know and share with us your thoughts.



ABA is a London based brand agency. They've even created a brand experience for the London 2012 Olympics. This is a very professionally designed corporate website that you'll just love.


Built by the Factory

This is an interactive agency that builds brands from mobile/web development, content development, campaign design, social media marketing. They have work with reputable clients and have an astounding track record. This is evident by how they feature case studies of their brand development projects. 


Chien Jaune Studio

This website showcases the portfolio of Chien Jaune Studio in Paris, France. They've done a good job with their website, as it shows basically everything you need to know about what they do, their services and contact details, all in one page. Their website is easy to navigate as well.



This is a minimalist website of a creative agency in the Netherlands. The call-to-action features on their website will make you want to around longer and discover more about their agency.



Pay Cymetriq a visit online and you will fall in love with their website. The chameleon, the parallax effect and the unique call-to-action buttons on the homepage make everything look interesting. This is a one-pager website that you will definitely enjoy browsing.



A minimalist website of Mexican based studio. We just love the clean, black & white design of their website.



Giant Ant's website is pretty simple in design. But they did a very good job in communicating information to viewers. The short but concise content write-ups through out their website tells you everything you want to know about their design studio.


Hitmo Studio

Hitmo Studio have recently revamped their website. The new design has a more corporate look and feel. Their latest projects take centre stage on the homepage itself. At the same time, they also provide viewers an option to view their older website design.



This is another black & white website we love, that has a much bolder look and feel. Their portfolio looks stunning as well.



This website opens up with a great tagline but nothing much to see in the first place. However, as you dig deeper and browse the inside pages, you'll be impressed!




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