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Excellent Designs of Paperbags & Boxes - Oct 2015


Creative packaging, of any product in the market, influences the brand and sales aspect of the organization. The packaging style and design of any product are responsible for influencing buyers before they swipe their credit/debit cards. While visualizing any product, the first image that we derive, comes from its appearance

From a buyer’s perspective, first impression is always the last impression. To create a long-lasting impression, unfold the quality, image, comfort and effectiveness of the packaging. Specifically when it is about gifting or merchandising, utmost care should be taken towards the presentation of the shell.  Packaging must beautify the brand, give a feel-good factor and weave a trend to make the product a super hit. Just like adding a cherry on top of the cake, creative packaging is to give an enriching experience to their customers.

By taking marketing strategies to the higher level and washing away the plain packaging style, designers have switched to innovative and vibrant modes of packaging design. Here are some of the creative packaging designs that caught my eye:




Meralco: Unplug to save bags


The Fishmen & Rice Wine


vin grâce


Feed the Hungry Belly Bag


Beijing Buffet Fortune Cookies


Handy Nails


Thelma's Cookie Delivery Box


Paper Bag Anti-Bullying Campaign


Flower Garden


Minori Sake


Top Paw



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