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Impressive Portfolio Sites - Sept 2015

  • By Hazel Lee
  • 28, September 2015
  • Websites

For this month, I just have to feature some of the latest portfolio sites we came across. In our opinion, they're the best so far. Some of them have unique design, minimal layout, and even nature inspired. If you're a web designer or a front-end developer, hopefully this post will inspire you to build an awesome website.



This is a portfolio site of Interactive Art Director, Rolf A. Jensen. His website is simply stunning even without much design. He is a no-nonsense guy, as he lets his portfolio take center stage. They are easily viewable and easy to navigate. If you like his work, he also made it easy for you to contact him.



Benoit Senand 

There's a page loader in the beginning. Once you passed that, there's also not much to see. But somehow, the myterious 3D origami presented on the homepage somehow drew our attention to discover more about this website. True enough, Benoit's portfolio is one-of-a-kind.



Rafael Caferati

This is an award winning website of Front-End Developer, Rafael Caferati. You tend to stick a little longer on his website because of the fun interactive game you can play on his website. If you're seriously looking to build a web application, you may not even look else where for expertise once you pay this website a visit.



Cody Brendan James Ellingham

This is a website that tells the story of two guys on their journey into a forest near Mt. Kujira, Japan. They got inspired with the sounds of nature, peace and serenity in the forest. According to them, this is what they plan to craft when it comes to creating digital experience.



Diana. Designer

I just love the big fonts that Diana uses for her portfolio site. A little intro about what she does, you can tell that she has a passion for her work. The clever use of colours on her website just made everything look lively.

Submitted by Diana Lopez


Drake Evans

I love how Drake Evans presented his portfolio in a unique manner, away from the conventional thumbnail photos seen on other portfolio sites.



John Karlsson

Yet another unique portfolio site, you just have to visit. 



Maryna Benson 

This is a very unique purple portfolio website we've seen thus far. The are call-to-action buttons on the website which makes it easy to find the information you want.




This is a minimalistic website of Mikiya Kobayashi. The large photos used are really beautiful.The site also provides navigation guidance so that you won't get stuck in the woods browsing through the entire site.



Abbas Monfared 

It's always a challenge to design and add geometric elements into a website. Somehow, Abbas did a good job applying triangular shaped designs into his website. It is so carefully crafted that it doesn't obstruct a user's view.



Clara Rua 

Clara Rua's website is simple and beautiful. The subtle use of colours just made everything look seamless. You'll definitely want to stay longer here and enjoy the beauty of this website.



Nicolas Bussière 

Last but definitely not least, you just have to check out this website. Nicolas cleverly presented his portfolio in a an interesting and very presentation-like way. You can tell that he puts a lot of effort into his craft. 




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