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Inspiring & Out Of This World 3D Sci-Fi Interiors - Nov 2015


I always find 3D Sci-Fi graphics really fascinating. Infact, I would sometimes day-dream and imagine myself living in a space-ship or some sort of sci-fi fantasy world. Alright coming back to planet Earth now, below are a selection of amazing Sci-Fi Interiors that are simply out of this world! If you're building or planning to build a man-cave, think science fiction and turn your fantasy into reality (just kidding).


Sci Fi Interior 3D Model




Prometheus Interior

Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox

Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox


Starfarer Modular Corridor


The Eden Archives


Sci-Fi Cylinder Tunnel


Sci-Fi Corridor


Sleeping Quarters


Sci-fi Corridor R-79


Sci-fi corridor concept - 3d model


Sci-Fi Corridor Futuristic Environment


Harvester 03


Mynos Interior


Zero Gravity




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