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Latest Cool Looking Hotel & Travel Websites


Hotel and travel websites have matured over the past years. Apart from being responsive, information on these websites are much more easier to find now. Before this, travel websites are often overloaded with contents, making it hard for viewers to find what they are looking for. Call-to-action buttons placed on these websites really solved the whole information-overload issue. I've stumble upon a few here, that's worth your time. Do take a look.



This is an award winning website. If you're planning a trip to South East Asia, do pay this website a visit first to learn more about the destination you plan to visit. Browsing this site was easy, and you will definitely find helpful information with ease as you scroll down the page.



HereNow is an online city guide that keeps you updated with the latest happenings in the cities around Tokyo, Okinawa, and Singapore. You can search for accomodation, available flights to these cities, and locate a nearby restaurant with ease. 




This is the first time I've seen such an interesting looking hotel website. The website invokes a very friendly and welcoming feel with its funny and interesting graphics. It gives me an impression that Volks Hotel provides accomodation affordable for everyone. I may want to book a room with them if I plan to visit Amsterdam.



Finn Lough

If you're planning a holiday getaway in Northern Ireland Finn Lough makes it easy for you to book a luxury accomodation and holiday packages. This website gives you a birds' eye view of the location and a virtual interactive tour of its available suites. This is indeed a stunning website.




This site is simply breath-taking. It's aesthetic and functional elements are a design success. 



Harbor Suites

Urban living made easy thanks to this site. The homepage has a really cool-looking image slider. The typography used in the image slider is something which I've never seen before. The animation effects you see as you scroll down the page are really smooth and made viewing the site a real pleasure. 



Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli 

A splendid hotel website with background video animation. You can tell everything is grand and elegant. But what captures my attention is the cute little bell icon located at the top right. Upon clicking, it will bring you directly to the hotel reservation page just like real-world experience!



OKINAWA: A Journey of Discovery

This website tells about the adventures of seven travellers who journeyed to Okinawa. Their adventures are documented into five episodes. Clearly a non-conventional way of promoting tourism in a website.



Tourism Malaysia

This is by far the best travel / tourism website I've seen. By just paying an online visit to this site, it feels as though you are already in Malaysia, virtually! When the page loads, the first thing you'll see is an interactive timeline. Your local time is shown, but as you slide the timeline back and forth, it will show you visuals of all the local activities that are taking place around the clock! So while it's almost bed time in Europe, tourists are scuba diving here in Malaysia!




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