Once a struggling freelance digital designer, Hazel Lee created an online blog to share her work experiences and design stories. When she started connecting with other creatives on social media, she realized many of them shared a similar struggle. Designers and artists alike wish to have their voices heard and want to feel appreciated for their work and values. Desiring to help, she founded YDJ (formerly; Your Design Juice).

Since August 2017, YDJ is a registered creative community-building startup. Building from the grounds of creativity, passion and inspiration, we provide a place via our online platforms like the YDJ Blog and YDJ Store for creatives to share their work and stories, and for others to discover their brands and the values they are creating.

Our marketing consultation service helps new and emerging creatives build a prominent and solid online brand presence. At times, we will also bring our community together by occasionally organizing events like art fairs, workshops and the likes.

We are also open for partnerships and collaboration with anyone who wish to join hands with us in making a difference to the design & art community and perhaps, the world. Feel free to connect with us today!