Imagine having a steady stream of clients, sales and creative projects doing what you love!

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We understand creatives better than anyone and we know that it's your ideal dream to become really successful. When you have a strategic marketing're there!

Whether you are an independent creative or own a creative business, having a clear goal and strategic marketing plan will help you target the right audience and prospects, especially on the digital platform.

At YDJ, we provide personalised marketing consultation so that you can land that ideal project, get more sales or commissioned works.

Marketing advice to grow your creative business exponentially banner image

What can I get?

  • A marketing plan that works.

  • Grow your social media followers exponentially.

  • Learn the right paid ads audience-targeting strategy for better ROI.

  • Learn how to become an influencer.

  • Effectively strategies to help you achieve your short & long term goals.

  • Your work featured on the YDJ Blog.

  • Bonus: Your work promoted on Instagram.

  • Special bonus: Free e-book.

  • ...and many more depending on your goals!

How it works?

1. Upon purchase, you will be directed to an online form where you are asked to fill in some details.

2. These details are important for us to analyze your requirements and marketing goals so that we can give you more accurate advice and strategies.

3. We will then prepare a personalised marketing consultation for you in a PDF presentation. The presentation as well as the Special Bonus E-Book will be delivered to your inbox in 2-3 working days.

4. Last but not least, we will be in touch with you again via email to guide you on how you can get your creative work and stories featured on the YDJ Blog and social media.

What They Say

"Thank you for the helpful information. It's very empowering as well, and the work you're doing."
Maria Garcia - Freelance Mixed-Media Artist, Guaymi Panamian Art & Artifacts
"It's very helpful - I wasn't entirely sure where to start with the process of finding more followers to be honest, and anything I try is a bit unproductive. But this is excellent."
Keith Conneely - Freelance Graphic Designer, KCDesign
"Thank You very much! These tips are great! I will use them wisely!"
Darko Zizak - Graphic Designer, Darko Designs
"Your points are rather good. I could use them as my action plans in the end. I could focus on two or three bigger projects."
Chris Steindor - Independent Artist, Steindor Art
"You've help me realize what I've been missing out."
Nesjoy - Freelance Artist, Nesjoy Artist
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